A Playbook on How to Live Better

I’ve spent the last 8 weeks with a brilliant bunch of women* trying to figure out for ourselves what it means to live better. We’ve met once a week and given each other the time and space to explore such a question.  For some of us, it’s been at that question level, and others have been actively trying to change habits and get stuff done. Because I completely geek out on changing behaviour, I thought I’d try to create a bit more of a structured approach to achieving a goal which I’ve called a “playbook” (instead of a “workbook”) as these things are meant to be fun! Since my work with Simetrica focuses on wellbeing, the process starts with figuring out what is actually a worthwhile goal. The playbook takes you through the 8 weeks (as we had) and ends, very importantly, in a celebration! Please get in touch if you’d like to test and improve it.

Live Better Playbook

* the gender skew is due to self-selection rather than design!

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